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Bean 5.99
Shredded or Ground Beef 6.39
Chicken 6.39
Guacamole 7.29


Cheese and Onion 4.99
Shredded or Ground Beef 5.69
Chicken or Pork 5.69
Spinach 5.49


Topped with Hot or Mild Sauce  
Smothered with green chili 1.49
Chicken 8.49
Shredded Beef 8.89
Green Pork Chili 8.19
Bean 7.69
Ground Beef 8.89
Egg 7.49
Crab and Seafood 9.19
Steak or Chicken Fajitas 9.69


Pork chili tamale in husk 5.19
Topped with sauce 5.69


Crispy corn or soft flour  
Shredded or Ground Beef or Chicken 4.29
Steak 4.99

  Flautas (2)

Beef or Chicken 8.19

 Chili Relleno


 Crispy Relleno


  Pork Green Chili

Bowl 7.99
Side 2.99
To smother any item with green chili add $1.49

Prices are subject to change. Banquet facilities are available for groups up to 90. We also cater groups of all sizes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Sorry, No Checks.